S.S.E. Trade & Büroservice e.K.

Post-Office Box Rentals

(Renting post-office boxes)

Fa. S.S.E. Trade and Büroservice e.K.´s post-office box rental service consists of the following services:

Post-office boxes can be rented by:

private persons

Any interested person can receive a separate post-office box, a postal address with a post-office box number as well as the access key.

The post-office box can be acquired quickly and without complication.
The renter has access to the post-office box 24 hours a day.
Rental fees are based upon the size of the box and the required service. (see separate price list)
The following services are available in accordance with the client´s wishes:
- Mail can be fowarded to the client or to any other address, or it can be processed by our office. (fees are based on required processing time - see price list)
- The client may be informed of incoming mail by telephone or by fax.
- One month´s advance notice must be given to cancel a post-office box contract.

Please call or visit us if you have any further questions. We look forward to assisting you.

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